Netflix / AIrlift Productions
Scanned artwork / digital animation

In collaboration with artist Stephanie Snider we designed the titles for the 7 part Netflix Series Transatlantic set in 1940 Marseille about the American Emergency Rescue Committee helping artists and intellectuals like Max Ernst, Andre Breton, and Marcel Duchamp, flee the Nazi invasion of Europe.

Over 3 intense and enjoyable weeks we made the graphics from the perspective and with the means of the refugee artist protagonists, combining photograms made with cyanotypes and north Berlin Wedding sunlight, hand rendered typography with footage shot as a surrealist movie within the series.

“And the show’s end credits — changing each episode, and worth watching rather than letting the Netflix interface jump you straight to the next one — are a marvelous series of moody, grainy, avant-garde black-and-white images of the cast in full costume behaving eccentrically in and around the villa. It feels like the sort of thing one of the refugees would have made if a movie camera and film were available.”
Alan Sepinwall
Rolling Stone review

Lettering rendered by Stephanie Snider
Music by Mike Ladd & David Szanke
Produced by Airlift Productions.
© 2023 Netflix

Orginal Cyanotypie mit Typo durch Folie belichtet

Handgezeichnete Schrift, Stephanie Snider