Daniel Richter

Pepe Danquart / b14 Film
Scanned artwork / digital animation / DCP

End title sequence for a documentary about German Painter Daniel Richter by Pepe Danquart. After a long process of trying out graphic interludes to announce changes in location and time between interviews and an intro sequence, we decided Daniel should paint the title himself in real time from behind a piece of glass or window, in homage to the 1956 Picasso documentary by Clouzot, and that the protagonists and location spoke for themselves. This left room for a dynamic end credit sequence obliquely referencing the world of Daniels record sleeves, collages and giving us a chance to use some good old rub down letraset.
Assistance by Felix Guth.
Music by KMNetwork feat Urzula Kamen & Marcus Loeber.
Courtesy of B14 Film
Trailer and extracts.

Test für Orte

Haupttitel von Daniel Richter